Latest News

1/21/2012 - Workout Viewer

This took a lot longer to get released then I wanted. My day job had me busy with new product releases. Standalone mode is for users who do not have an ERG based trainer. The workouts will be HTML pages you can run locally on your browser (works on phones/tablets). It will show you your progress during your workout, along with what set you are in. It gives you the FTP % you should be at, or you can set your FTP and it will give you specific watts.

Additionaly, you may have noticed the Eleonore Rocks logo. My wife and I are racing for this great group this year, so I'm using the site to get the word out about them.

12/28/2011 - Sufferfest redone

Ted updated his spreadsheet to allow workouts to start when the video starts, so all workouts have been changed to this. This was a problem when using GoldenCheetah V3 and "train" mode. I also added Extra Shot.

The next update will have a "standalone mode" for users who do not have an ERG based trainer. They will be able to download workouts and run them on their PC, which will show them the FTP% or Watts they should be at, along with a running clock/graph showing them the zones and workout.

12/1/2011 - Upload .erg workouts - UX/bug fixes

You can now upload pre-existing .erg workouts into the database. By entering the FTP you used, it will convert everything in the database and make it usuable for all riders. Right now, it will only enter data in the work set, so the "rest" part is 0 for everything. Poweragent import support will be available around the end of December.

Fixed a few bugs with file creation and odd parameters (mainly .mrc workouts). Some UX fixes, like not asking for FTP for .mrc files, or slope workouts. Did some code cleanup and moving around.

12/1/2011 - Full PowerAgent support

I'm happy to say that ErgDB now offers the major types of workouts PowerAgent supports. You can now create workouts based off the following.
  1. Target Power
  2. Power Range
  3. Slope
Along with this, you can also select your workout unit to be minutes or miles. How does this work for Computrainer workouts? First, we convert minutes to miles (and vices versa) with 18mph as the baseline.
  1. Target Power - Functions as normal
  2. Power Range - We use the max, so 50-70% would be 70%
  3. Slope - We convert to .crs

11/23/2011 - API

I've released a basic API for ErgDB. Right now, you can get a list of workouts and export them in .erg format. I will be adding PowerAgent support and Multi-Rider support soon. Head on over to the API to check it out.

11/22/2011 - Psuedo Roadmap

The following is the psuedo roadmap going forward and what I want to add.
  1. Standalone workout modes - For users who just have a trainer, they will have a heads up display of the workout on a graph letting them know the watts or FTP% to target. They can download any workout from ErgDB
  2. Better Poweragent support - When adding a workout, there will be more options, like power range, slope and the ability to target distance over time
  3. File Importing - Users will be able to upload a pre-existing .erg or .xml file and add it to the database
  4. GPX import - Convert a .gpx or .tcx file into a PowerAgent slope or CompuTrainer .crs file
  5. .3dc import - Import a .3dc file and get a PowerAgent slope course

11/22/2011 - User Accounts, favorites and more

Today is a big update. I finally added user accounts and favorites. Now you can keep track of your favorites, that way when you your FTP changes you can find an easy way to locate and regenerate the file.
I also made a few bug fixes and enhancements.

11/8/2011 - Multirider support

Support for Multirider files has been added. Since I store everything off FTP %, this was easy. Now you can do the sufferfest videos in a group!

11/6/2011 - Updates/bug fixes

Thanks to some feedback, I've fixed some bugs with the search and streamlined it. It was confusing to everyone but me ;) that you had to select RPE or FTP. I've changed it to do a search off everything, and now it will show FTP or RPE parameters based off the workouts you select to complete.

10/30/2011 - Soft Launch and Sufferfest

Today is a soft launch of ErgDB. I'm hoping to get more users and workouts to get better feedback. In the future, I'll add user accounts for management, but right now you can just edit them after create it.

Sufferfest! - I've added the sufferfest videos thanks to Ted at . He allowed me to use is data points and calculations that I used for RPE based workouts and then the videos.

10/26/2011 - Bug Fixes & RPE based workouts

I fixed a few bugs...mainly the .erg files were generated with bugs so no course data would get read.
I've added support for RPE based workouts based on the code from the SufferFest spreadsheets. I'll be adding these soon thanks to Ted at Look for the workouts this weekend!

10/25/2011 - PowerAgent support

I did a quick hack of PowerAgent support. I was able to import the XML files into PowerAgent and the workout appeared to be correct. I would love any feedback on bugs, features, etc.

10/25/2011 - Hello World

Initial beta release of Erg DB. The goal is to create a repository of workouts that users can then generate custom workouts based off their FTP. Coaches can create training plans send send links to their athletes and simply change the FTP for each one. Currently, .erg files and PowerAgent .xml files are available to export to.